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Hi my name is Andrew Reynolds, I’m author of the Sunday Times Best Selling book – Copy This Idea - which I’d be happy to send you a copy of absolutely FREE with my compliments.

A book which doesn’t just show how I went from being stuck in a job I hated to becoming a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE doing something you could copy from your own home right now, but will show you HOW I did it – how I banked my first million pounds – and how YOU can copy what I do for yourself ALL from your home and WITHOUT any of the stress or hard work.

So if you’re tired of working just to make ends meet and doing the same month after month … fed up with not getting anywhere no matter how hard you work … constantly worried and stressed out … or you hate what you’re doing - or even perhaps if you’re questioning what the future is going to bring to you. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there. But the good news is I can help change it because I did it for myself and I’ve done it for other people.

You see a few years ago I did what you’re about to do now...

I learned a simple way of making a great living from home which I’d never even heard about before. The result was I started doing it in my spare time and was soon earning more in a few hours than I was working around the clock in a job I hated. Needless to say, I quit that job and made more money than I ever dreamed possible doing exactly what I’ll show you in this book … something you could certainly copy from your own home to.

In fact, I did it despite having earlier gone through a difficult and painful divorce … starting with little money … having no experience …and with very little idea about what I was doing.

To cut a long story short, because you’ll read all this in the book anyway, almost by chance I stumbled upon a totally different way to make all the money I would need that soon saw me giving up my full time job … I told my boss that I was leaving (and I’m sure you can imagine what a great feeling that is) … and I moved out of my cramped 3 bed semi on the local housing estate and into a home I paid £1 MILLION POUNDS for with a brand new Bentley Continental I bought parked on the drive … a gymnasium … a sauna … it even had a swimming pool. In fact, this was the first of several million pound properties I went on to buy and own at the same time.

All paid for because of what I found and what I will show you in the book...

As I said, I won’t waste your time by telling you any more about my lifestyle today or about how I did it … because this is about YOUnot me. About how you can copy what I’ve done without even leaving your own home. About creating the life YOU want – and that life starts the second you look through this really easy to read book.

It will show you HOW I did it – how I banked my first million pounds – and how YOU can copy what I do for yourself ALL from your home and WITHOUT any of the stress or hard work.

So if you’re like me – if you hate your job – if you’re looking for a different way to earn money – if you desperately want to quit your job – if you would love the opportunity to make a new life for yourself …


This is the same book by the way which though retails for £9.99 I genuinely will send you a COPY with my COMPLIMENTS so you can get started straight away as soon as you click that button.

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Can't Wait to Get Started
By Justin on 8 January Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed this book and found it to be extremely inspirational and a great motivator. I can't wait to get started and put it to the test.

Andrew's story really resonated with me personally and in telling his story it really allowed me to connect with the author on an emotional level. I enjoyed that and was glad it wasn't just another jargon filled business book full of the latest buzz words.

Blew me away
By John Ross on 20 November Verified Purchase

I picked this book up in a railway station when my train had been cancelled and then the second one delayed. I wasn't in the best of moods as you can imagine but by the time I had finished it I have never been so glad for a delay in my life. I finished the book in one sitting, a first for me. The book explains how Andrew went from being an ordinary Joe to banking 50 million pounds. BUT it also explains how he did it in detail and shows how you can do the same by copying his idea step by step. The book shows you how to get the right mind set to become successful, how to source products cheaply and sell at a massive profit, how to approach sales, copy writing techniques and so much more. There is no jargon or technical stuff to learn. It is easy to understand and implement. But perhaps best of all it shows you how to do this from the comfort of your own home. There are also ways of contacting Andrew personally and getting additional help. This book and the information it contains will be absolutely invaluable to any aspiring entrepreneur.

By Mark on 6 January Verified Purchase

Recently bought this book and found it to be an inspirational read. It gives you the kick up the backside needed and shows that the ordinary guy can make it. Time to get started!

A Great Mentor
By Microphone Jack on 29 October Verified Purchase

I have never met Andrew Reynolds, but I have seen him on starring on stage in front of 7,500 people at London's O2 arena. With that kind of crowd pulling power, you would think he must be the front man in a hit-making band or a box office busting movie star?

But he isn't.

On his own admission, he's just "an ordinary guy". He is also a little self-effacing, and very aware of his modest roots. He has transcended the daily struggle of just getting by, to become a multi- millionaire. This is the big dream that most of us secretly share. We would all love come up with something that will make a pile of money, and then be able to live life as it should be lived.

A life summed up in one word, freedom.

It Really Makes You Think
By Bill Davies on 24 November Verified Purchase

In short this book is a must read if you like me are fed up with your 9 to 5. A step by step explanation of how one man changed his life for good.

As the book says, Copy This Idea. The Clue is in the title.

Copy This Idea
By J. Broster on 14 January Verified Purchase

This book is easy to read and comes across as very genuine.
I did write to Andrew for advice and received a reply within hours.
I liked the book finding it inspirational and thought provoking.

THE plan to make money
By Alen Wyatt on 9 July Verified Purchase

I have read this book and it is without doubt a 5 star read, if you have any plans to make money at home you must read this book.

It is written in plain English and sweeps aside some of the excuses that you may have had in the past for not making a start.For example you do not need to be an Accountant.You are told how to find the right products to sell to the right people at the right price.

An explanation of how to repeat this process time and time again with support from other organisations such as fulfilment houses to taker away the work of distribution of the products to your customers.

A good book well written to get you started to make money. Alen Wyatt.

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