I do genuinely look forward to meeting you and putting on a truly fabulous 3-DAY LIVE EVENT. It’s going to be pretty spectacular and will open your eyes to a new world. It certainly did for me when I started my own mobile-based business 6 months ago.

It’s very exciting.

As you know the entire 3-day event in October has been put together in support of the Children with Cancer UK charity who do so much wonderful work in a field we wish never existed – children with life threatening conditions.

I understand if you can’t donate at all, that’s fine. You are still of course more than welcome to attend if there are spaces available. However, if you have changed your mind at all and would like to help children like Louis who you saw in the poster, please do click on this link below which will take you back to the previous page.


If you are unable to donate anything as I said, it’s ok. Please enter your details in the form below. We will then allocate you a free place as promised, subject to availability.

IMPORTANT: - Please ONLY book your free ticket if you are CERTAIN that you will use it and attend the three days. Booking a ticket with no intention of attending will reduce the number of seats we can offer to those who wish to donate to the charity. I’m sure you’ll understand and consider this fair. Thank You!